Bowls Northland 2014-15 Awards

01 MC Pete Dorreen 02 Dinner 03 Champ Singles W Wrack and D Brewster 04 Champ Singles Winner W Wrack
05 Champ Singles M Yovich and D Lawrence 06 Champ Triples Winner B Horscroft, I Bowick, J Dunn Absent 07 Champ Pairs Winner K Horscroft, M Attwood 08 Champ Pairs Runnerup A Halls, S MacKinnon
09 Champ Triples Winner W Wrack, M Petley, K Robinson 10 Champ Triples Winner M Timoti, S Lauder, B Mitchell 11 Champ Fours Winners Maungaturoto 12 Champ Fours Runnerup Maungatepere
13 Champ Fours Winner M Yovich, D Leader, D Catton, S Wright absent 14 Champ Fours Runnerup Waipu 15 Mixed Centre Pairs Winner Don and Manu 16 Centre Singles Winner W Wrack
17 Centre Singles Winner B Mitchel 18 Centre Pairs Winner Wayne and Kevin 19 Centre Pairs Winner Manu and Betty 20 Centre Pairs Runnerup Sharron and Anne
21 Centre Triples Winners Mangawhai 22 Centre Triples Winners Kensington 23 Centre Triples Runnerup Hikirangi 24 Centre Fours Winners Onerahi
25 Centre Fours Winners Hikurangi 26 Junior Singles G Wintle 27 Junior Singles S Lauder 28 Junior Singles Winner and Runnerup
29 Junior Pairs Winner M Taylor, J Thompson 30 Junior Pairs Winner J Hardie, C Budge 31 1st year singles Winner J Day 32 Dave Holwell
33 Interclub Div 1 Hikurangi 34 Interclub Div 2 Onerahi 35 Interclub Div 2 Maungaturoto 36 Womens Pennants
37 Kamo Runneup 38 Interclub 1-5 sixes 40 Gold Star K Robinson 41 Gold Star I Bowick
42 Gold Bar W Wrack 43 Gwen with Wayne - Gold Bar speech 44 Gold Bar B Mitchell 45 Gold Bar M Timoti
46 Gold Bar M Attwood 47 Coach of the Year A Muir 48 Young Player of the Year S Lauder 49 Team of the Year W Wrack and K Robinson
50 Green Keeper of the Year W Neal 51 Club of the Year Hikurangi 51 Service to Bowls Marj Larson Absent 52 Player of the Year B Mitchell
53 Gold Stars 54 Jeanette and Wally Yovich 55 Guest Speaker Brian Froggatt 56 Tonights MC Pete Dorreen
39 Gold Star J Wintle 57 Hikurangi Table 58 Betty Mitchell 59 S Laude
60 Looking at the programme 61 Leanne Stewart 62 Mr - Mrs John Wintle 63 Glen Wintle
64 Leanne Stewart 65 Wayne and Kevin 66 Mrs Wrack and Mrs Robinson 67 Rocket and Kevin
68 Kevin and his mate Dianne 71 Club Volunteer Gwyn Lawson Hikurangi 71 Gold Star for Rocket 72 Dinner
73 Wayne, Leanne and Kevin 74 Rose the Photographer